Already done:

  1. MIDI Clock Sync (sending works like a charm, receiving works)
  2. selected notes are played (loudspeaker icon), works, needs bugfix
  3. Bar/Beats/Track time support for MIDI

Partly done:

  1. Patches / Program Changes UI (MIDNAM files), works roughly now, needs refinement
  2. SysEx Support + GUI

Major Issues which have to be cared about before release of 3.0 (in order of my personal preference):

  1. Copy/Paste of Notes in MIDI regions
  2. Lots of bug fixes….
  3. Ensure backward compatibility to 2.x sessions
  4. Coding MidiModel with the later addition of scripting in mind
  5. Getting the MIDI tool situation right
  6. Maybe Integration of LV2 MIDI mangling plugins and LV2 GUIs
  7. And some of the stuff that is in the tracker

Intended for 3.1:

  • Step recording
  • A Tempo Editor / Mastertrack
  • Including scripting support (SWIG) for MidiModel: Chicken, Lua, Python, Java, etc???


  • Direct GUI support for velocity switching (sampler users)
  • Direct GUI support for key switching (sampler users)

Comments and suggestions welcome!


1 comment so far

  1. silkenpy on

    If anyone need to use SWIG for Python check myblog.


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