A whole lot of MIDI/Audio development going on

Since my attention is quite absorbed by work, studies, making music and family, there was no
time for ardour.

Nevertheless, development is currently going forward rapidly:

  • Carl currently commits tons of patches mainly for audio issues like the new port matrix, foldertracks and reworking audio internals
  • paul works mainly on MIDI now; he implemented large parts of MIDI editing, including copy/paste, List Editor and step editing, and more is probably coming soon

Though my own efforts are the least notable at the moment, I fixed
some bugs in varispeed playback, and replaced linear interpolation by cubic interpolation.


2 comments so far

  1. Carlton on

    If you need input and ideas for MIDI Sequencing you should take a look at Cakewalk 3.0
    It is an old Software for Windows 3.1 which is availablwe on some Abandonware sites and still runs under Windows XP.

  2. Gareth on

    Anymore updates of recent? Eagerly awaiting the 3.0 release! Been a long time coming! 🙂

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