My detour hackathon

In the meantime, I started two new open source projects, which may be beneficial
to the Linux audio community (including Ardour users):

  1. jackpanel, a Gtk+ and Cairo based replacement for qjackctl with full gnome support (yet to be done)
    which emphasizes ease of use and configuration and concentration on essential features. The screenshot shows the first working prototype together with ardour:

    jackpanel with ardour

  2. libprolooks, a Gtk+ and Cairo-based Widget library suitable for Audio Applications, which includes and consolidates widgets from the Calf plugin project:
    demos of libprolooks widgets
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2 comments so far

  1. peppo on

    Looking good! To further sexy it up, perhaps Thorwil or some other graphics wizard could do some further work on those buttons?

  2. AllanK on

    Hey Hans and Dave,

    I don’t know if you guys have seen my feature request 2563…

    Is there any likelihood that this can be fulfilled or is it out of sync with the design?



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