Dave implements Tempo changes for MIDI

Big news again for the Ardour MIDI community: Dave Robillard
delivered one of the crucial milestones for MIDI: Support for tempo changes.

You can view Daves screenshot here or,
read the post on ardours official website (soon to appear).

Once again, whosoever wants to express his or her gratitude to Dave can do so via the Donate link
on his web page.


3 comments so far

  1. Allan Klinbail on

    Okay .. sorry to be so annoying.. and slightly off this topic.

    I have tried MIDI recording and it seems to record notes okay.. however I can’t seem to make it record controller info from the hardware synths.. Do I need to setup and then map each controller as this is quite tedious to do for each individual controller on a hardware synth with 17 knobs.. and that’s only one synth… I have a few… I would simply like to record these in as one would record notes…. Is this likely to be possible.. I’m not reporting this as a bug, because I imagine this is part of the design, although very cumbersome for real use…

    The same would apply to sysex.. I have programmed real time sysex in my MIDI controller to control some aspects of a hardware synth… and again would simply just like to record these as one would record notes…

    Also, I have noticed the channel selection grid did not appear until I shut down ardour and re-opened it… I will retest this tomorrow or Sunday before submitting it as a bug.

    Sorry to be such a pain


  2. AllanK on

    Busy weekend, didn’t get to test any more.. however expanded the request above and put it in a feature request (2563), with a Bounty… bigger than previous.. but still doesn’t really pay for what this work is worth.. I wish I had more money…

  3. AllanK on

    Sorry didn’t have a chance to test anymore.. However, I have added the above content (expanded).. as a feature request with a $50.00 bounty.. Again, I feel this is less than what the work is actually worth.. I wish I had the money for it ….

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