First SysEx GUI prototype

Not very functional / useful at the moment, but shows off Ardours SysEx support.
Some code has will probably be added to stack those flags nicely, if more of them
occur, and later symbolic display from an XML of SysEx event definitions.

Probably the flags could be shown at the bottom to avoid visual collision with
Program Changes. An even better solution would be to stack up all available flags,
If they collide visually. Any further ideas?

Here is the mandatory screenshot:
First SysEx GUI prototype


1 comment so far

  1. AllanK on

    If you sysex records into a separate “automation track” this would be a bit better.. .especially if it can split into multiple automation tracks (e.g. maybe sending one type of message for LFO speed and another for oscillator frequency)…

    See issue 2563.. as this is related.

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