Daves Hackathon

On this weekend, Dave Robillard finished
a private hackathon: In a breathtaking series of commits he renovated large
parts of Ardours MIDI underpinnings, preparing it for tempo changes inside MIDI regions.

Here is what he said on IRC:

(14:30:05) drobilla: most of the relevant files I sat down and read from top to bottom.  
it "makes sense" now, as opposed to a mountain of successive band-aids
(14:30:24) drobilla: so once the bugs here and there are found and squashed 
we should be in good shape
(14:31:09) drobilla: I will probably try to fit in a few other marathon-sprints like this 
and deal with the rest
(14:31:13) drobilla: probably:
(14:31:45) drobilla: 1) fix all the "things that audio can do too", e.g. editing stuff, 
 split by channel, region trimming, record, etc.
(14:32:30) drobilla: 2) better tempo support, at least correcting/redrawing regions 
when they're moved to a new location with different tempo, 
and hopefully supporting tempo changes partway through a region
(14:32:54) drobilla: 3) MIDI editing stuff, rework the tools, fix all the little 
midi editing things that are broken (which seems to be most of it)
(14:32:56) drobilla: in that order
(14:33:47) drobilla: until then, I'm going to sleep and hopefully 
I can wake up giving a damn about what I should have been doing this weekend again 

All that during writing one of his doctorate papers, which have to be published this Wednesday.

That milestone certainly deserves a lot of cheers from the Ardour MIDI community (bounties welcome,
see the donation button on Daves website)


6 comments so far

  1. drobilla on

    Doctorate? I wish 😉

  2. AllanK on

    This is for Dave..

    I noticed you have resolved the issues regarding MIDI parameter feedback and also the controller only being able to send (I hope you got your paper in first)…

    Once I have tested these (which might not be till the weekend at the current rate)do I pay the bounty for these cases to you or is it going to the Ardour project… or did you want to split them?



  3. drobilla on

    MIDI control and feedback seems to be working well here now.

    Your money, your call 🙂 To support the project and/or MIDI in general, please donate to the Ardour project, but for bounties on bugs like this directly solved by one developer (i.e. me in this case) you can donate directly.


  4. AllanK on

    okay… I’m an ardour subscriber and donated an extra 30 to the project this month..

    So once I test these ones and am happy, I’ll shoot across the money..

  5. hansfbaier on

    See the Donate link in http://drobilla.net/

  6. Allan Klinbail on

    okay .. wasn’t sure on the exchange rate so donated 6 CAD .. which is almost 8 AUD .. but not sure how it realtes to USD..

    found som emore bugs but will updat to latest CVS before reporting.

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