Bugfixes, Bugfixes, Bugfixes and SysEx Support

Recently being busy with some bugfixes (program changes / controllers working properly, some crash bugs, etc. etc…)

Drobilla enhanced the MIDI Buffer to be able to
contain variable-sized SysEx Messages (eg. important for General MIDI 2).

I am just
adding the necessary Bits to for SysExes to the MidiModel etc.
Will make a nice UI for them too in time….


10 comments so far

  1. dakylla on

    go man, go !!!

    im really excited about midi support in ardour, really, really 🙂
    did i said the im REALLY excited ?

    thx guys

  2. AllanK on

    okay ..
    This is very cool…

    Can it record customer sysex realtime messages or is it limited to GM stuff? I run custom sysex from my MIDI controller to my Yamaha TX-81z (LFO speed and portamento settings being the primary ones.. it’s so cool.. like analog control of a very digital synth)

    is this all in the main SVN trunk for 3.0 or is there a specific trunk I need to download to test…

    Also please see bugs 0002541 and 0002542, I’ve had issues with clock sync.. let me know if there is further information that could help (unlikely to get to it till the weekend though)

    • hansfbaier on

      As of now, you can record (and playback) arbitrary sysex Messages. (Except those that are too
      big, due to the size limitations in JACK, so you probably cant dump your keyboard settings into Ardour).
      But effect settings Sysexes should be fine.

      Also, right now, there is no GUI for them yet, whatsoever, but they get played back if they are recorded.

      As for the MIDI clock issues, those are known, since the basic (and hard part) worked, I did not
      get around to implement them yet, because there are more urgent and basic issues right now
      (A bounty may prompt me to rearrange my schedule though).
      There has been a volunteer from Switzerland who wanted to help out, but I didnt hear from him
      for a while.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. AllanK on

    No problems .. I can’t pay a bounty till next week waiting for my monthly pay.. but as I am now supporting my gf through uni it can’t be very big, say between $10.00 and $20.00 per issue. (let alone the very weak value of the AUD at the moment) and I feel that amount in no way justifies the work that would be required so is really an insult. (However,I am already nearing the end of my 2nd subscription and will renew)..

  4. AllanK on

    Okay I added a small sponsorship to these issues. Only 15 bucks per issue. It’s what I can afford for the moment.

    BTW.. how and when do I pay this??

  5. hansfbaier on

    When I’m done, and it works for you I’ll give you my paypal account.
    Is that ok for you?

  6. AllanK on

    Yep that’s okay..

    Tell you what.. additional to what I pay you .. within a month from paying you I’ll donate an additional $30.00 to Paul… (I know this isn’t his work but he needs it right now, and the project needs him).

  7. hansfbaier on

    Thank you for your support. Paul surely can use it,
    since he doesnt live in the 3rd world as I 🙂

  8. AllanK on

    Hi Hans..

    Will test the latest fix either tonight or tomorrow.



  9. Hans Baier on

    You can svn update now. I just committed a bunch of fixes
    to the MIDIClock_Slave. Please be aware that the
    frames / period setting should be lower than
    one pulse per quarter note, otherwise the tempo
    gets a bit wobbly.

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