Distributed compilation is fun….

Since I have a relatively powerful laptop (2x2GHz Turion64, 2GB RAM)
I installed another copy of Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 on my laptop, added the distcc
package, configured a bit, and voila…….
distributed compilation:

Distributed compilation is fun

It was quite crucial, that the slave system on my laptop was 64 bit too, so I installed
a minimal Ubuntu with the c++ compiler and distcc (thats enough, no build deps needed).


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  1. Stefan Brüns on

    You should try icecream, which is a “better” distcc. More info on http://en.opensuse.org/Icecream

    • hansfbaier on

      I use Ubuntu Hardy, which comes with distcc prepackaged.

    • hansfbaier on

      Ah, got it, its name is icecc, but how is it better to go through the configuration hassle again?

  2. Peder on

    From the openSUSE link (which may or may not apply to you):

    I use distcc, why should I change?

    If you’re sitting alone home and use your partner’s computer to speed up your compilation and both these machines run the same Linux version, you’re fine with distcc (as 95% of the users reading this chapter will be, I’m sure). But there are several situations, where distcc isn’t the best choice:

    * you’re changing compiler versions often and still want to speed up your compilation (see the ICECC_VERSION support)
    * you got some neat PPC laptop and want to use your wife’s computer that only runs intel (see the cross compiler section)
    * you don’t know what machines will be on-line at compile time.
    * most important: you’re sitting in a office with several co-workers that do not like if you overload their workstations when they play doom (distcc doesn’t have a scheduler)
    * you like nice compile monitors 🙂

  3. hansfbaier on

    If I knew this earlier, I would not have gone through installing Ubuntu 64 Bit on my laptop especially for distcc.

    But the next time I will probably use it.

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