MIDI clock sync works smoothly now

Today, after a slight modification in the timing code, MIDI clock sync started to work really
well. The following diagram shows the differences in Ardours transport position every processing cycle.
As we see, sync is achieved in about 30 cycles (174ms) and jitters only 1 sample from thereon:

Ardour syncinc to MIDI Clock


2 comments so far

  1. leaphion on

    Very awesome to hear that there’s something happening with the midi implementation!!

    I check this page almost daily and would hope that there would be more frequent updates, I can’t wait to see Ardour Midi up and running!!

  2. hansfbaier on

    Id love to work on it daily, but since I have to feed a family and paid work to do, it is something for my spare time. Hopefully I can do more in the future.

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